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usdplayer Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: A Complete Guide to The Drowned City of Skalla Dungeon

With patch 4.1, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood added the largest amount of content since the release of the second expansion earlier this year. A new 24-player raid, housing, and the extreme version of trial boss Shinryu are just a few of the brand new content for subscribed players to enjoy.

In addition, there have been new main story quests added for anyone thats already beaten Stormblood. With the new main story, comes also a new four-player dungeon to complete called THE DROWNED CITY OF SKALLA. Skalla is unlocked only through the main scenario, and it is required to progress through the several new story quests.

Since it is only available through completing the main story, that means that its unlock is a little more hidden than in the case of optional dungeons. Here is how to unlock it:

  • Having already completed the main story quest Stormblood, teleport to Rhalgrs Reach
  • Speak with Lyse (X: 14.6, Y: 9.4) there to begin 4.1s main story quest Arenvalds Adventure
  • Follow the objectives and progress through the first couple of quests until you receive The Mad Kings Trove
  • Continue to follow that quests objectives until you have to swim underwater
  • Interact with the gated entrance underwater to unlock The Drowned City of Skalla (requires average item level of 300)

KELPIE: Kelpie is the first of three bosses in this rather easy, seemingly Shin Megami Tensei-inspired dungeon. Ranged characters and healer will want to not stand too close to the edges of the arena, as standing there will frequently add a debuff that increases the damage that Kelpies water-elemental attacks will do.

Other than that, it is the usual reminder to heal Kelpies tank buster skill and ultimate, except for one key mechanic. Kelpie will often cast one of two skills: Hydro Push or Hydro Pull. Strangely enough (this may get patched later), the English translation of these skills is switched from the Japanese.

This means that each spell does the opposite of what it says it will do. So, for the case of pull, you will want to get close to Kelpie when you see him begin casting it. The opposite is true for push. If you see him begin casting that, you will want to run far away from him. During these spells, he will mark DPS or healer and they will be chained to a water ball. Dont let it get close to you. Simply power through these mechanics and you will defeat him in no time.

THE OLD ONE: This creepy statue-like boss is quick and easy as well, with the exception of a new but simple mechanic. The basics are he has several AOEs targeted at DPS and healer, so make sure to dodge those. He also has a large cone AOE that requires to you sprint fast sometimes to dodge it.

The Old Ones main mechanic, though, is cloning himself into four mini ones. When he does this, he becomes invincible and you must defeat the four clones to stop a potential wipe. When he summons his clones, he also will sometimes transform you into a Spriggan. While a Spriggan, you only have a bomb attack on your hotbar.

The four minions will circle around the arena quickly so you must perfectly time dropping your bomb so that it explodes when the minion gets to that spot. A single successful bomb will take out a clone. You must blow up all four or face wipe. Keep repeating these mechanics until you beat him.

HRODRIC POISONTONGUE: This is an AOE heavy - especially marked players - boss fight. Despite the several powerful AOEs, it is a simple fight as long as you are able to successfully dodge. Ranged and healers, your best bet is to stay relatively closer behind him. He does have an eye gaze attack that inflicts confusion and will force you to attack your party, so remember to turn around when you see it.

He will also turn around and insta-cast a spell on one of the non-tank party members, so healers be prepared for that. His ultimate is a purple pulsing attack that forces you to run to the edges of the arena to minimize damage. Your best bet is for the tank to always aggro him on the north side of the arena from the entrance and everyone remain behind him, then run towards the entrance to lower damage from the attack.

However, his two most important mechanics are what you need to mostly watch out for. First, he will do something similar to Chimeras eye color changing in Cutters Cry. Every once in a while, a message will pop up saying that he raises his tail or claw. If it says that he raises his claw, it will be a quick, no-cast cone AOE directly in front. If everyone has been remaining behind him, the healer should only have to worry about the tank.

The opposite is so for his tail. This is why everyone should stay relatively close to the boss. Everyone behind him will need to run around his bulky self to his front to dodge. The second of his important mechanics is he will mark players with one of two AOEs. The first is an L-shaped one like Lakshmis, where the player will need to move to the edges of the arena and not have it intersect with any players.

The other is your typical circle AOE marker. These markers are large, though. At first, it will only be one of them, but after the first time, he will do both at the same time, so it is imperative that the marked players do not overlap the large AOEs. It is best that one takes their AOE to the left side of the arena and the other to the right. Repeat these mechanics until you defeat Hrodric Poisontongue and complete Skalla. Congratulations!

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