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usdplayer World of Final Fantasy announced for PC, release date set

Head to Grymoire in a few weeks time.

Around this time last year, World of Final Fantasy arrived on PS4 consoles and the PS Vita handheld. Now, Square Enix has confirmed the role-player for PC with a launch date: November 21, 2017. 

With turn-based fights, the series familiar Active Time Battle system, a sprawling fantasy world, and a cast of whimsical characters, World of Final Fantasy portrays a more traditional-leaning RPG as it follows the quests of twin protagonists Lann and Reynn.

Stricken by a typical bout of amnesia, the sibling duo dive head-first into the monster-filled land of Grymoire in a bid to recapture their memories. 

And thats where you come in. Heres the PC announcement trailer:

At the time of writing, the games Steam page isnt yet live, however Square Enix promises Steam achievements and trading cards, as well as full mouse and keyboard support and an extensive list of bonus legendary creatures and characters-such as Sephiroth, Balthier, White Chocobo and Glow Moogle.

A statement from the publisher says those who pick up the game prior to November 28 will qualify for the games Day One Edition, which includes a digital soundtrack sampler and wallpapers. Otherwise, World of Final Fantasy is due on Steam from November 21 for $39.99.

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